Albuquerque Mayor Warns of ‘Bait and Switch’ in Trump Deploying Federal Agents to His City: We Don’t Want ‘Secret Police Trying to Round Up Protestors’

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller called out President Donald Trump’s Wednesday announcement about deploying federal agents into his city as a publicly stunt, noting that he had not invited them nor even been notified before the president’s statement.

Albuquerque joined Chicago as two of the latest targets of Operation Legend, a federal government attempt at quelling violence that was unilaterally rolled out in Portland, Oregon despite the objections of state and local officials. Since the arrival of heavily-armed, camouflaged agents, the city has witnessed an at-times violent, paramilitary-like response that has ignited outrage by everyone from former Army generals to Fox News legal analysts.

“You called them ‘Trump secret police’ and called it a ‘stunt’ CNN guest anchor Kate
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