Portland Mayor Condemns Sweeps and Detentions of Protestors by Unidentified Federal Agents: ‘Tactics They’re Using Are Very Un-American’

Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned the militarized sweeps in his city, calling the use of nameless federal agents to detain peaceful protestors “unconstitutional” and “very Un-American.”

During an appearance on CNN’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Wheeler decried the deployment of heavily-armed unidentified federal agents in camouflaged combat gear to grab protestors off the streets. These detentions have also included whisking away the protestors in unmarked vehicles without officially arresting or issuing Miranda warnings and so far, all of those detained have been released without any charges. Viral video of the agents’ assaults have stoked outrage and ignited fierce pushback from both liberal and conservative legal experts.

After 50 days of protests, the escalation of violence ramped up in
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