Pro-Trump Pollster Says ‘There Aren’t Enough Boaters’ to Win 2020 But Trump Has Golfers, Aviators, Campers, and More!

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Trump pollster John McLaughlin conceded that there aren’t enough voters’ “boat parades” to propel President Donald Trump to victory over Joe Biden, but boasts that Trump has a laundry list of other supporters that includes “golfers” and “aviators” and “RV people,” and more.

Trump’s infatuation with the MAGA mini-navy that’s sprung up among his supporters has been evident from his public statements and his campaign’s emphasis on them, but a new article from Daily Beast White House reporter Asawin Suebsaeng reveals that the fascination runs as deep as a boating pun.

Suebsaeng reports that Trump has asked if his staff could set up more of the floating
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