Fmr SDNY Attorney Berman Says in Newly Released Testimony Barr’s ‘Irregular and Unexplained Actions’ Pushing Him to Resign ‘Raised Serious Concerns’

Photo credit: Johannes Eisele, AFP via Getty Images.

Former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman explained to Congress the bizarre circumstances around his departure from the Southern District of New York, in which Attorney General Bill Barr abruptly announced Berman’s resignation on a Friday night even though he had already refused to voluntarily step down until his replacement was confirmed by the Senate.

That move by Barr prompted Berman to very publicly refuse to resign and led to a number of conflicting statements from the White House and Justice Department before Berman ultimately did step down a day later after he was assured that his office’s deputy would take over as interim U.S. Attorney. The very messy sequence
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