‘What the F*ck Did He Say?!’: Steve Harvey Goes Viral for Hilarious Reaction to Bonkers Family Feud Answer

When an NFL Hall of Famer says “penis” on television, it’s hard to keep your cool. Steve Harvey did not succeed.

Harvey went viral for his reaction to Bruce Smith’s absurd answer on Celebrity Family Feud from Sunday night. Smith, an 11-time Pro Bowl defensive end for the Buffalo Bills, struggled to respond a hypothetical question about Peter Pan’s Captain Hook when his first answer was already taken.

“If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace with hook with what tool?” Harvey asked.

Hammer had already been said and the buzzer sounded. Ao Smith shook his head and answered “a penis” with a blank face. Unfazed, Harvey started to read the first couple of words of the next
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