‘You’re Going to Get a Rocket Ship’: Market Analyst Delivers Bullish Forecast on CNBC as S&P, NASDAQ Hit All-Time Highs

The stock market is going to become a “rocket ship” by the end of the year, an investment analyst predicted on CNBC Monday.

“I think the markets are going up — I think they’re going up a lot more than people think,” Capital Wealth Planning’s chief investment strategist Jeff Saut said in an interview with the network’s Joe Kernen. He added the caveat that the market may stall for several months before rising: “We may stall here for a while into the fall, into September, October, November — but I think that you’re going to get a rocket ship coming in the fall of this year, and the S&P is going to trade out above 4,000.”

“We’re at 3,130 now,
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