Fmr Harvard Medical Professor Calls Out Pandemic Resurgence in States That Reopened Too Early: ‘We’re Now Reaping What We’ve Sown’

Former Harvard Medical Professor Dr. William Haseltine directly tied the new daily records in positive Covid-19 cases to the decisions by many states across the South and West to reopen their social distancing rules too early: “We’re reaping what we’ve sown over the past months.”

During an appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Haseltine, who has just written the book A Family Guide to Covid, explained that the increasing coronavirus cases seen in dozens of states was an entirely predictable consequence of relaxing lockdowns too early and failing to enforce mask-wearing policies.

“We’re now reaping what we’ve seen over the past months,” Haseltine said when asked about the latest spikes by Cooper. “That is, we failed to control this epidemic in a number
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