Jon Stewart Goes In On Mask Truthers: They Should Tell Doctors Not To Wear Masks, Cough Into Wounds While They Undergo Surgery

Jon Stewart went in on mask truthers during his interview with The View on Monday and wondered if they had ever been inside an operating room, suggesting they ask doctors not to wear masks and cough into their wounds the next time they undergo surgery.

Host Whoopi Goldberg commented on the spikes in coronavirus cases throughout the United States, noting that despite the rises, some people, including politicians still refuse to wear masks. She added that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) refused to require masks in his state while an unmasked choir in Texas sang in front of a masked Vice President Mike Pence this weekend.

“There has been an increased campaign to discredit expertise or to tribalize or to politicize expertise. There’s a whole undercurrent that
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