Maggie Haberman Says Biden Running ‘Flawed Campaign’ — Apparently Because He Followed Coronavirus Precautions

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reaped a social media whirlwind when she declared Joe Biden a “very flawed candidate” who’s “running a flawed campaign” without offering any support for the statement. Then, she made it worse.

On Monday night’s edition of AC360, Haberman gave a clear reading of Trump’s disastrous Tulsa rally, and particularly of the naked racism in evidence. She cited Trump’s “Kung Flu” remark and his talk about “our heritage,” identifying it as “white grievance politics” that Trump thinks “appeals to some of his supporters, if not all.”

She also called out the public health risk of the rally, noting that “the majority of the public is still afraid of coronavirus, they’re afraid of catching
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