Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump’s Anti-CNN Toddler Video for Copyright Violation

Twitter and Facebook have removed an anti-CNN toddler video that President Donald Trump posted on those social media sites on Thursday evening, citing copyright violations for the moves.

Per CNN’s Jim Acosta, Twitter removed the video after receiving a complaint that it misused content it did not own, also know as a DMCA takedown request. Facebook did the same, after the parent of one of the toddlers who recorded the video complained.

NEW: Parent of toddler in ‘manipulated’ Trump video forces Facebook to remove ithttps://t.co/iJmfccvwBH

— Donie O’Sullivan (@donie) June 19, 2020

“Twitter has decided to disable the video that was tweeted out by the president of those two toddlers, that video of the president was trying to
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