WATCH: Anderson Cooper Stunned by Bolton Claim Trump Delivered Fawning Defense of Saudi Crown Prince to Distract from Ivanka Emails Scandal

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and political analyst Gloria Borger both offered their stunned reactions to an anecdote from John Bolton’s latest tell-all book, where the former national security advisor claims President Donald Trump concocted a ruse to distract from the embarrassing news that his daughter, Ivanka, used her personal email to conduct government business, committing the same transgression for which he mercilessly attacked his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton.

During Cooper’s Wednesday night show, Borger read directly from a pre-released copy of the book — which the Trump Justice Department is vainly attempting to suppress by claiming it contains classified material — and marveled at the excerpt about Trump trying to protect Ivanka from press criticism.

“He said that securing the
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