Lou Dobbs Blasts ‘Petty and Vindictive’ John Bolton Over Tell-All Book Revealing Trump Misconduct

Lou Dobbs added yet another round of insults to his pantheon of disgust at President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who the Fox Business host blasted as “petty and vindictive” for daring to discuss Trump’s misconduct in a new, tell-all book.

On his Wednesday afternoon show, pro-Trump cheerleader and mutual self-aggrandizement partner Dobbs picked right up where his previous rants left off, in which he has hammered Bolton as a “TURNCOAT” and “petty snarling Lilliputian” who acts as a “tool for the radical Dems and Deep State.” Dobbs vociferous defense was triggered by a raft of new embarrassing and damning claims by Bolton— some of them he considered worthy of impeachment investigation —
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