Pastor Robert Jeffress Warns Lou Dobbs ‘The Left’ Will ‘Bring Out the Guillotines’ If Trump Loses Reelection

Pastor Robert Jeffress, who once claimed Hillary Clinton supporters are going to hell, offered a different warning to Lou Dobbs for the upcoming election, claiming that if “the Left” will “bring out the guillotines” if President Donald Trump loses re-election.

Speaking with the Fox Business host, Jeffress praised the president’s handling of race and blasted the “Defund the Police” rallying cry some protestors have adopted in the wake of the alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Jeffress, a Baptist minister who is a staunch defender of Trump, has a history of unapologetically bellicose comments about abortion, homosexuality, as well as other religions, having claimed Mormonism and Islam are cults and “heresy from the pit of hell.”

“Yes, we
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