Seb Gorka Called ‘Embarrassment’ for Dubious Claim in Smearing Legendary Marine Gen. Mattis as ‘No Marine’

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Pro-Trump radio host Sebastian Gorka was deemed an “embarrassment” for using a stint teaching at Marine Corps University Foundation as cover to say that Marine Corps General James Mattis isn’t a real Marine.

In a recent op-ed in America Greatness, Gorka railed against former Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis, while bragging about how he had spent “two-and-a-half years” at “’Crossroads of the Corps’, teaching at the Marine Corps University in Quantico.”

The article absurdly begins, “I’m not a Marine, but I know the Marines,” then goes immediately into his questionable brag.

With 12-and-a-half years teaching the U.S. military under my belt, I can sincerely say, hand on heart, that the two-and-a-half years I spent at the “Crossroads
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