WATCH: Here’s the Fox News Segment That Made ‘Attack and Dethrone God’ Trend on Twitter

The phrase “Attack and Dethrone God” caught the imagination of Twitter Friday night after it was included in a graphic on the Fox News show The Ingraham Angle.

As outrage was spreading over a Fox News graphic that depicted stock market performance  after the killings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Brown, and George Floyd, as well as the Rodney King police brutality verdict, another Fox News freeze-frame was being roundly mocked on the social media site as well.

The graphic in question is from a segment in which host Laura Ingraham interviewed author Terrie Turchie, who equated the current unrest over the killing of George Floyd with the 60’s Weather Underground.

During the segment, Ingraham read along with a graphic that claimed
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