Bill Gates, Bioweapons, and Bad Data: Poll Shows Fox News Viewers Believe Covid Conspiracies, Misinformation in Big Numbers

Protester filmed by Kevin Vesey

A New Yahoo News/YouGov poll published on Friday was loaded with interesting data points related both to the 2020 election and to the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the most revealing and, perhaps, alarming, was the prevalence of support for conspiracy theories or just plain misinformation about the virus among viewers of cable news.

Fox News viewers were apparently the most affected respondents when it came to misinformation, including a startling 50% who believe it is true that billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates “wants to use a mass vaccination campaign” to “implant microchips in people.”

The big tell came far into the crosstabs from the survey, down around the 64th question, where YouGov presented list
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