Judge Tosses Conservative Network’s Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow

A U.S. District judge in the Southern District of California on Friday dismissed the defamation lawsuit One America News Network (OAN) filed against MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, finding that there was “no set of facts that could support a claim for defamation based on Maddow’s statement.”

The $10 million lawsuit, filed in Sept. 2019 by Herring Networks, Inc., alleged that the MSNBC host “maliciously and recklessly” smeared OAN as a Russian state propaganda outlet. Herring Networks, Inc. owns and operates OAN. The meaning(s) of the word “literally” ended up being the focal point of the Maddow statement at issue.

Maddow’s comments were made in the context of discussing a Daily Beast report on an OAN reporter named Kristian Rouz. That report
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