Trump Gets Roasted for Garbled Remarks About Testing ‘Positively Toward Negative’ for Virus: ‘English Mangled Beyond Recognition’

President Donald Trump was roasted on Thursday for claiming he tested “very positively towards negative” in his most recent coronavirus test, “meaning negative.”

On social media, users mocked the tongue twister of a way that President Trump described his negative test result, comparing it to scenes from The Office and 30 Rock.

— Tim Marcin (@TimMarcin) May 21, 2020

“Well, apparently, in the medicine community, ‘negative’ means ‘good,’ which makes absolutely no sense.” — Michael Scott

“I tested very positively in another sense… I tested positively toward negative. I tested perfectly this morning, meaning I tested negative.” — Donald Trump

— DNC War Room (@DNCWarRoom) May 21, 2020

— maurice (@tallmaurice)
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