BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Reportedly Hosted GOP Donors, Supreme Court Justices, and Fox News Hosts at Lavish, Taxpayer-Funded Private Dinners

Photo credit: Alastair Pike, AFP/Getty Images.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly hosted roughly two-dozen lavish, taxpayer-funded private functions since 2018, inviting billionaire CEOs, Republican donors, celebrities, and Fox News hosts to cocktails and dinners within the State Department.

According to a new report by NBC News, Pompeo and his wife, Susan Pompeo, advertised the elite functions as “Madison Dinners,” to evoke the fourth president James Madison’s tradition of inviting thinkers and leaders of the day for discussions. But the couple’s guest list had a distinct ideological tilt to the right, including well-known conservative donors as well as numerous members of Congress, all of whom were Republican. In addition, just one in seven of those invited
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