Chris Cuomo Warns Hydroxychloroquine Is Political Winner for Trump, Hams It Up Previewing GOP Attacks on Dems as Whiny ‘Party of No’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo offered up his own take on President Donald Trump’s stunning claim that he has been taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine for the past 10 days to stave off Covid-19. Setting aside the obvious, troubling aspects of the treatment from a medical perspective, Cuomo instead declared Trump’s choice to self-affirmatively risk his health a  “winning argument” politically, before breaking out an over-the-top whiny voice to foreshadow his anticipated Republican attacks against Democrats as the “party of no.”

Hours after Trump made the blockbuster revelation during a White House press availability, Cuomo offered up analysis that focused almost exclusively on the views of Trump’s base who, he predicted, would revel in the president’s contrarian move. But
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