Rich Lowry Slaps Down Conservative Caricatures of Fauci as ‘Dastardly Bureaucratic Mastermind’

Photo credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images.

Conservative columnist Rich Lowry fired back at the growing right-wing chorus attacking the Trump administration’s infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling out their wild caricatures of the public health official as a “dastardly bureaucratic mastermind imposing his will on the country.”

In his latest Politico column, “Fauci Is Not the Villian,” Lowry, who is also editor of the conservative magazine National Review,  pointed out the absurd attempts to portray Fauci as intent on hamstringing the economy. The anti-Fauci movement has been bubbling online for weeks, and Trump himself retweeted a post with the #FireFauci hashtag a month ago. But Lowry noted that the outrage seemed to take a great leap forward after the
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