WATCH: Lawyer of Witness Who Taped Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing Repeatedly Shuts Down Client in Surreal Interview: ‘He’s a Pawn in a Much Larger Game’

Chris Cuomo scored a key interview with William “Roddie” Bryan, the witness who taped the viral video of unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery’s killing, but it soon turned into a surreal experience as Bryan’s lawyer barely let him talk at all.

During Cuomo’s CNN show, Bryan and his new attorney, Kevin Gough, appeared on split screen, straddling Cuomo, even though both men were standing next to each other in real life. This led to several absurd moments where Cuomo asked a question of Bryan, only to have Gough turn his head slightly and advise his client not to answer. In all, the interview ran for nearly 20 minutes, but during that time, Bryan barely spoke for 30 seconds.

The whole interview
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