David Axelrod Says Obama Team That Vetted Biden for VP Found No Evidence of Complaints or Misconduct: ‘The Name Tara Reade Never Came Up’

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod said that the campaign team who vetted potential vice presidential candidates in 2008 found no evidence of complaints against or misconduct by then-Senator Joe Biden during its investigation.

In a CNN op-ed published on Friday night, Axelrod explained that, while he was not on team that was responsible for doing an in-depth probe of all possible running mates for Obama, he was briefed on the results of their work.

“Dozens of women and men under consideration were reviewed. Those who rose on the list of contenders were subject to a deep-dive investigation of their strengths, vulnerabilities and, of course, any disqualifying defects,” Axelrod explained. “At the top of the list of those contenders
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