Laura Ingraham Defends Trump’s Suggestion to Inject Disinfectant Into Covid-19 Patients: ‘He’s Hearing a Lot of Inputs from the Medical Community’

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham rallied round President Donald Trump on her Friday night show in a shameless segment that blamed the media for misinterpreting his previous days’ comments, in which Trump clearly suggested that one possible treatment for Covid-19 might involve the highly dangerous injection of disinfectant into people who have contracted the virus.

Notably, Ingraham never once aired or quoted any of Trump’s actual words from the Thursday coronavirus task force briefing.  Instead, she merely showed clips of the stunned responses on CNN and MSNBC to Trump’s highly irresponsible rhetoric. As a result, Fox News viewers were left to take her and her guests’ word that those universally aghast reactions were unfair exaggerations.

Trump, Ingraham did allow, bore
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