NYT Story Rebuking Fox for Coronavirus Coverage Written by Reporter Who Tweeted ‘Virus is Not Deadly’

Don Emmert/AFP, Getty

New York Magazine writer and Twitter hot-taker Jonathan Chait shared a New York Times article over the weekend, describing it as a “portrait of a man killed by Fox News.”

That tweet got around quite a bit, quote retweeted by dozens of blue check media personalities, ratioed by Twitter users at large, and ultimately becoming a de facto headline for the article, which was actually written by New York Times columnist Ginia Bellafante.

The article, about a man who died of the Covid-19 coronavirus, has an on-site headline that reads “A Beloved Bar Owner Was Skeptical About the Virus. Then He Took a Cruise.”

The subhead is “Joe Joyce oversaw JJ Bubbles,
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