Geraldo Rivera: ‘Amateurish’…’Very Dishonest’ for MSNBC, CNN to Fact-Check Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings in Real Time

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera called out MSNBC and CNN as “amateurish” and “very dishonest” for cutting away from President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus press conferences to add context and fact-check his often baseless or inaccurate claims in real-time.

Speaking on The Sean Hannity Radio Show on Wednesday, Rivera noted that he had called out the networks earlier that day for not carrying the entire White House briefings live and uninterrupted, a privilege that a free press is under no obligation to grant to any public official.

“I tweeted out today to my colleagues at MSNBC and CNN that I thought it was really amateurish of them to not carry the President’s task force briefings, that they were doing not only harming themselves in terms of ratings
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