WATCH: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles Jam Roads in Michigan to Protest Gov. Whitmer’s Stay-at-Home Orders

A protest in Michigan called “Operation Gridlock,” which shows disapproval of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus, has kicked off two hours early on Wednesday, already blocking several streets, Fox Business reports.

“Everyone is going to stay in their cars to maintain social distancing,” Fox Bussiness reporter Grady Trimble told host Stuart Varney.

The protesters believe Whitmer has gone “too far,” considering jet skis and motorboats are prohibited while canoes and sailboats are not.

“They’re planning to take to the streets here, and they have signs that say ‘hands off our citizens,’” Trimble added.

Whitmer has made it clear that she supports their right to free speech, and simply hopes that they maintain social distancing while they execute their protests.

Varney then
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