‘It’s a Sideshow’: David Plouffe Lights Up ‘Carnival Barker’ Trump for Delay in Stimulus Paychecks Over His Signature

Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe fired both barrels at the Trump administration for delaying the release of millions of coronavirus relief checks to hard-hit Americans so that President Donald Trump’s signature can be added to them.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Brian Williams on The 11th Hour, Plouffe was reacting to a  late-breaking Washington Post report that the mailed $1,200 paychecks from the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package will be held up for several days as the Treasury Department adds a second signature to them — that of Trump. The president, the Post noted, is not the legal signing authority and no president’s signature has ever appeared on IRS checks to citizens previously.

“David Plouffe, talk about the president’s effort to get his name on
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