Mixed Messages: Kudlow Declares ‘The Country is Ready to Go Back to Work’ Just as Dr. Fauci Says ‘We’re Not There Yet’

Within the same hour, Larry Kudlow and Dr. Anthony Fauci delivered conflicting signals about where the United States economy is heading into the next couple of weeks, amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Kudlow told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney that “the country is ready to go back to work” at 11:20 a.m. EST., while Fauci told the Associated Press that “we’re not there yet” around the same time.

Kudlow, an economic adviser, told Fox Business that President Donald Trump is expected to make a “very important” announcement in the next couple of days. On Monday, Kudlow was named to a seven-person council appointed by Trump to “reopen the nation.” The group received scrutiny for its lack of a
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