Fox News’ Kurtz Confronts Press Sec Grisham: We All Saw Clear ‘Shift’ in Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz opened MediaBuzz Sunday by saying it’s pretty clear there was a “shift” in how seriously President Donald Trump has been taking coronavirus.

“President Trump has been taking a much tougher and far more aggressive stance against the coronavirus, and he told reporters he’s always taken the virus seriously,” Kurtz said.

But after showing Trump saying “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,” Kurtz said, “A review of the president’s comments in January, February, and earlier this month suggest otherwise.”

He showed a montage of Trump saying things like “we have it under control” and “I’m not concerned at all.”

“The president is no longer soft-pedaling the magnitude of this crisis,” Kurtz said.

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