Laura Ingraham Presses DHS Sec on ‘Hodgepodge’ Airport Screenings: ‘What’s Going On There?’

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf joined Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham in an interview Monday night preaching calm and touting that the average wait time at national intake airports is 27 minutes amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Later in the segment, Wolf was railroaded by the Ingraham over not taking stricter action against undocumented people entering the country via the northern and southern borders.

Ingraham told him, “As my friend said, coming back from Istanbul, he didn’t get pressed with questions about his temperature or where he had been. It was very hodgepodge, the screening as he was entering back into the U.S. and going through customs.”

“So what’s going on there with the screening and the temperature taking? Or, is it not being taken?” Ingraham asked Wolf. 

“Last Friday night,
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