Devin Nunes Tells Fox Viewers ‘Go to Your Local Pub’ After Fauci Says Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Reduce Interaction at Bars

Congressman Devin Nunes offered some suggestions to Fox News viewers about going out to restaurants and pubs this morning with comments very much at odds with what Dr. Anthony Fauci has been publicly advising today.

Nunes told Maria Bartiromo people should not overly panic, saying, “There’s no shortage of food in this country. People don’t need to go to the store and fight over a bottle of water or toilet paper.”

“The main thing that people need to focus on is just a couple issues. Number one, if you’re sick at all, be smart. Stay away from people,” he advised. “Number two, if you know someone that is senior, or if you have an underlying health condition especially with your
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