Devin Nunes Blasted for ‘Spreading Dangerous Misinformation’ About How Public Should Respond to Coronavirus: ‘Don’t Do This’

Congressman Devin Nunes today said it’s a good time for people to go out to restaurants and bars, literally hours after Dr. Anthony Fauci was advising the exact opposite.

As video of Nunes’ comments got attention on Twitter, the California congressman was widely pillories for his take and for sharing bad advice contrary to what experts have been saying in the interest of not exacerbating the situation:

This is terrible. @DevinNunes is spreading dangerous misinformation that goes against what the top health experts in our country are suggesting.

And @mariabartiromo is nodding right along

— Yashar Ali ? (@yashar) March 15, 2020

I served in Congress with @DevinNunes. Yes, he is
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