Fox News Contributor Says Trump Should Be Quarantined For Possible Coronavirus Exposure

Guy Benson stated on Fox News’ Outnumbered that President Donald Trump should have been tested for the coronavirus – further questioning why Trump isn’t currently “self-quarantined” after contact with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.

Outnumbered co-host Harris Faulkner began the segment by stating, “We were watching [Bolsonaro’s] son, Eduardo. And some of us had kind of a visceral reaction as he went back-and-forth with what maybe the facts are. If that seems unfair, watch the tape.”

Benson began piecing together Trump’s interaction with Bolsonaro – while further calling out the Brazilian leader’s son over mixed messaging.

“Part of it is to self-quarantine here, that’s part of the guidance for people who might have been exposed to this
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