Bill Kristol ‘Endorses’ Trump in Preview for Colbert’s New Cartoon for CBS All Access

A preview of CBS All Access animated series, Tooning Out The News, shows ‘never-Trump’ pundit Bill Kristol ‘endorsing’ Donald Trump in an effort to “ensur[e] his collapse.”

During the preview, animated anchor James Smartwood asks Kristol, “Obviously you championed the Iraq war, you plucked Sarah Palin from obscurity, will you endorse President Trump, therefore ensuring his collapse?”

“You know, that’s a good idea, I should do that, but no, I voted for Joe Biden already, last week here in the Virginia primary,” Kristol answered, to which Smartwood quickly shot back, “Oo, tough break for Joe Biden.”

“If you gave me 100% assurance that my endorsement would do in Donald Trump, I would take the hit for the country and make a fool
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