Joe Biden Declares ‘Health Care Should Be a Right,’ But Balks at Signing Medicare for All as President: ‘How Are You Going to Find $35 Trillion?’

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden declared that “health care should be a right in America,” but then balked at the prospect of signing, as president, a Medicare for All bill if it were to pass Congress.

In a pre-taped interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Biden used the MSNBC host’s hypothetical question to implicitly criticize his 2020 rival, Bernie Sanders, for his plan to roll out universal health care to everyone in the country.

“Let’s flash forward, you’re president,” O’Donnell began. “Bernie Sanders is still active in the Senate, he manages to get Medicare for All through the Senate in some compromise version, Elizabeth Warren’s version or other version. Nancy Pelosi gets a version it through the House of Representatives. It comes to
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