The most interesting man in the world

Ken Schaffer has lived in the same one-bedroom penthouse apartment on West 58th Street in New York for 49 years. A label on the door frame of his building reads, “DOORBELL BROKEN. Shout DINGDONG very loudly.” After I pound on the door for several seconds, Schaffer finally answers, holding his cat, Squeaker: “You were supposed to shout ‘Ding dong!’”

It’s unlikely he’d have heard me given the window-rattling volume at which he is blaring the Velvet Underground. Schaffer, who still looks boyish despite a little gray threading through his dark hair, isn’t a recluse, but considering that he’s a former rock-and-roll publicist whose clients have included Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper, and Jimi Hendrix, he’s wary of
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