Former Obama Pollster Touts Democrats Rallying Round Biden as ‘Revolution of the Bourgeoisie’

Former Obama and Bloomberg pollster Cornell Belcher described the rapid consolidation of moderate, suburban Democratic voters around former Vice President Joe Biden — and away from self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders — as a “revolution of the bourgeoisie.”

During a segment on the Super Tuesday’s shocking series of victories for Biden, Belcher told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that South Carolina Congressman and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden ignited the rallying effect around the once struggling candidate.

“Going into South Carolina there were a lot of Democrats worried about the viability of Vice President Biden and a lot of Democrats unsure about what’s going to happen,” Belcher noted. “Hats off to Congressman Clyburn. In a time when endorsements are
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