CNN’s John Harwood Calls Out Trump For Naming Mike Pence as Coronavirus Task Force Leader, Cites Disastrous Past Handling HIV Outbreak

CNN White House Correspondent John Harwood criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to place Vice President Mike Pence at the helm of the coronavirus task force, Wednesday, noting Pence’s disastrous decisions as governor of Indiana which led to an HIV outbreak.

“I think what we saw last night at the news conference was the president in front of all of us — we could all see it — struggling to accept the reality of the situation,” Harwood claimed. “Maybe we’ll take another $2.5 billion, maybe we’ll take 4, maybe we’ll take 8. Maybe it is like the flu, maybe it is easier, maybe it is harder.”

“Not accepting the mortality numbers that Sanjay correctly pointed out. Maybe we’ll have community
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