CNN’s John Avlon Blasts Trump’s Coronavirus Handling: Pandemics Don’t Care About Partisan Politics

CNN political analyst John Avlon ripped into President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus — or “caronavirus” — outbreak, and reminded Trump and his allies that “Pandemics don’t care about politics.”

On Thursday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, Avlon offered one of his trusty “Reality Check” segments, opening by noting that “There are now more than 82,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world, 2,800 lives lost, with at least 60 cases in the United States and climbing,” and said that as the outbreak progressed, “Trump was in denial.”

He added that as the outbreak worsened, “Trump still found time to blame the media,” and displayed Trump’s “Caronavirus” tweet.

“Here’s the thing, Mr. President: Pandemics don’t care
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