Bloomberg Called Out for Almost Saying He ‘Bought’ 2018 Dem Candidates With $100M in Donations

Self-funding billionaire candidate Mike Bloomberg wanted to prove his party bona fides during the South Carolina debate by noting his financial support for Democratic candidate in the 2018 midterms. But his seemingly awkward “I bough…I got them” slip of the tongue and reversal when touting his $100 million in donations to House Democrats only further fueled the criticism that he’s trying to simply buy the 2020 Dem nomination.

The backlash to his rather transnational take toward his political spending was swift and merciless.

Holy shit, did Bloomberg almost just say of the 41 new Dems in Congress “That’s why I bought them”?

— jelani cobb (@jelani9) February 26, 2020

Bloomberg almost said “I bought them.” Freudian?

— Marc
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