Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Can’t Pay Electric Bills, Desperately Asks Court to Step in

Little St. James (a.k.a. “Little St. Jeff’s,” “Pedophile Island,” “Orgy Island”)

Jeffrey Epstein’s estate can’t pay the electric bill, the executors of the estate told the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas & St. John Division. Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn say that government-imposed criminal-activity liens on the estate have created an untenable situation that needs to be remedied now.

The executors of the deceased mega-millionaire pedophile’s estate asked the court to smack down the criminal-activity liens so that the estate can function administratively. The filing began by attempting the convey the seriousness of the situation:

The crisis for the Estate envisaged by the Emergency Motion has unfortunately come to pass: prevented by the Government’sLiens
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