Ed Henry to Elizabeth Warren Spox Over Super PAC ‘Flip Flop’: ‘What Happened to Your Candidate’s Moral Backbone?’

Fox News host Ed Henry didn’t hold back Friday morning ripping into an Elizebeth Warren’s spokesperson Allison Stephens over the Warren campaign now being supported by a Super PAC.

The Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate falsely claimed at a CNN town hall event Thursday night that she has not changed her position on refusing help from Super PACs, even when she was confronted with hard and irrefutable evidence this is not true.

Henry began the segment by hitting Stephens with a question about the “Persist PAC” and why the senator is “flip-flopping.”

“She swore off that money. And yet, now of a sudden she is flip-flopping, why?” Henry asked.

“Well, I certainly can’t speak for Senator Warren directly. I can only
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