‘Only Thing to Stop Him Is Us’: Chris Hayes Calls for Resistance to Trump’s ‘Authoritarian’ DOJ Meddling in Stinging Monologue

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes issued a broad, public call for resistance to what he labeled the “real authoritarian stuff” of President Donald Trump’s interference with the Justice Department and rule of law.

During his live, Friday night show, Hayes began with a 10-minute long soliloquy detailing Trump’s ongoing meddling in DOJ cases both for his allies and against his enemies. He also blasted Bill Barr as the president’s “handpicked bagman,” pointing to several highly controversial actions over the past week as further evidence that the attorney general is aiding and abetting Trump’s politicization of the DOJ.

“It’s important to say the only thing standing between the rule of law and a kind of authoritarian decline is us,” Hayes soberly declared at the start
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