CBN’s David Brody Says Trump’s Adultery, Other Moral Failings Will Invalidate Evangelical Attacks on Buttigieg’s Sexuality

Christian Broadcasting Network chief political analyst David Brody said that President Donald Trump’s adultery, toxic rhetoric, and other moral failings have rendered powerless any potential evangelical attacks on Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Brody acknowledged that evangelical voters’ about face on the need for presidential candidates setting an example of strict Biblical morality — as they define it — could hamstring any attempts to attack Buttigieg for being gay, were he to become the Democratic nominee.

“David, you said Mayor Buttigieg is probably the ‘most electable Democrat.’ I know you’re skeptical of Bernie Sanders. Why do you see Buttigieg as, as that?” Cooper asked.

“Well, there are quite a few reasons, Anderson. First of all, let’s start
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