CNN’s Jennifer Granholm Lights Up Trump for ‘Dictator’-Like Pressure on DOJ to Help Old Pal Roger Stone: ‘What a Banana Republic Does’

A CNN panel that featured former Midwest governors Jennifer Granholm and John Kasich tore into President Donald Trump for his transparently crude attempts at pressuring the Justice Department into reducing the sentence of his longtime confidante and now convicted felon, Roger Stone.

After Trump fired off a middle-of-the-night Tweetstorm calling the original seven to nine-year sentence recommendation “disgraceful” and warning he “cannot allow this miscarriage of justice,” the DOJ abruptly revised its “extreme” prison request on Tuesday, saying the sentencing revision was already in the works and that the president’s tweets were an “inconvenient coincidence.” That claim looked highly dubious, however, after all four of the federal prosecutors assigned to the case withdrew hours later in
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