Twitter Demands Attorney’s Fees from Nunes’ Lawyer for Trying to Unmask @DevinCow Through Unrelated Lawsuit

Attorneys representing Twitter this week demanded that Rep. Devin Nunes’s (R-Calif.) attorney Steven Biss pay for the legal fees incurred by the company in responding to a subpoena demanding the personal details and direct message history of @DevinCow, the satirical Twitter account purporting to be one of Nunes’s cows.

While Nunes is currently suing Twitter in Virginia–one of several active frivolous lawsuits–the subpoena for @DevinCow’s identifying information was issued by Biss in a completely unrelated case with seemingly no justification.

The subpoena seeking the identifying information stems from a lawsuit filed by former public relations executive Trevor Fitzgibbon, who is suing a former colleague named Jesselyn Radack. He claims Radack falsely accused him of sexual assault. The only relation between Fitzgibbon’s
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