CNN’s Axelrod Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Well-Crafted’ SOTU, Leave ‘Fact-Checking to the Fact-Checkers’

Former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and current CNN contributor David Axelrod praised President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address as “well-crafted,” while saying he would prefer to leave “fact-checking to the fact-checkers.”

On CNN’s post-State of the Union coverage Tuesday night, an all-star panel gathered to discuss the speech, with a singular emphasis on the political goals and effects thereof.

Correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson observed that many the invited guests who were highlighted during the speech were minorities, and mused that while “Donald Trump’s administration is probably the least diverse ever in the history of administrations over the last 30 or 40 years, the Republican party itself the least diverse Republican party we’ve seen in quite some time,”
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