SNL Cold Open Mocks Senate, Instead Finds Trump Guilty in Impeachment ‘Trial You Wish Had Happened’

Saturday Night Live‘s cold open sketch mocked the “dry debate and posturing” of the real-life Senate trial of President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges and instead offered up an imaginary, melodramatic, People’s Court-style “Trial You Wish Had Happened.”

Kicking off the sketch, the show ran a leader that read: “After months of anticipation, the impeachment trial of President Trump ended up consisting of two weeks of dry debate. For those hoping for more, here is the trial you wish had happened.”

Seconds later, TV personality Judge Greg Mathis (played by Keenan Thompson), appeared to kick Chief Justice John Roberts out of his role as presiding judge.

“This court needs a real judge who got some big brass
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