Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Participation Trophy Husband’ Jared Kushner’s Mideast Peace Deal: ‘I Spent Two Hours at Kinko’s, So, Yeah, It’s A Good Plan’

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah ripped into President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser-on-everything Jared Kushner over his newly revealed peace plan for the Middle East, which did not include any preliminary consultations with Palestinians.

“When President Trump started running for president 400 years ago, he had a lot of goals— build the wall, have sex with that alien they keep in Area 51, and, of course, bring peace to the Middle East,” Noah opened as he began the riff on Kushner.

“Okay, hold up, hold up. Trump crafted a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians without the Palestinians? I mean, right off the bat, that doesn’t seem like a great strategy. It’s like writing wedding vows for yourself and your fiance,” Noah
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